Krysalis: Awaken Your Inner Beauty

Anybody who knows me, knows that I love to travel. Through all my adventures, I have realised that some special journeys don’t involve physically moving from one place to another but involve a journey within yourself.  When I was little, I remember trailing along behind my mother to the beauty salon and being fascinated by all the things that happened there.  To a kid, what happened in there was almost magical. I would walk in, clutching the hand of my tired mother and watch her undergo a marvelous transformation. As the staff in the salon started working on her, I would watch the stress just melt away.  She would forget all her worries and a smile would spread across her face and wrap her in a cloak of warmth and positive energy.

Krysalis Salon | lifeisanopenroad

I have always been quite a tom boy but as the years rolled by, I have enjoyed my fair share of visits to the salon. I would rush in, do whatever I had to do and rush out. I never had the time to waste at a salon, I had better things to do. All that changed the day I stepped into Krysalis. I fell in love with it instantly. It was not just the look of the place that grabbed my attention but the warmth that filled the entire salon.

Krysalis | lifeisanopenroad

I have watched not just one or two but dozens of people I know undergo massive transformations at Krysalis.

Krysalis Salon | lifeisanopenroad

People step in, dragging their feet, tired because of what life has thrown their way but after a few hours at Krysalis, I have seen the same people walk out with a bounce in their step.

Krysalis Salon | lifeisanopenroad

So what is so different about this salon? Honestly all I can say is that they are specialists at awakening inner beauty. At every other salon I have visited, you are just another customer, another source of business but at Krysalis, they believe in investing in people’s lives. So if you live in the UAE, drop by if you want to undergo a metamorphosis and feel renewed from within. What better way to celebrate the New Year than to get a completely new look?

Krysalis Salon | lifeisanopenroad


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