Redfoo LIVE at Cirque le Soir Dubai

I have been for a lot of concerts and parties but nothing prepared me for the night that Redfoo took over Cirque le Soir Dubai with his own brand of craziness. The night started off like any other but the moment Redfoo took the stage everybody lost it! Party rock is in the house tonight! Everybody certainly had a good time!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

Redfoo and the LA Freak Crew set the place on fire! Dubai knows how to party but Redfoo pulled some completely unique tricks out of his magical bag for party animals. As the seconds ticked by, the crazy-meter went kaput because it couldn’t handle the level of crazy that Redfoo brought to the house!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

Women poured onto the tiny wooden stage and would not leave his side. When he started singing ‘I’m Sexy and I know it’ all hell broke loose! The party animals in the house morphed into wild animals and the noise was deafening!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

The La Freak Crew and in particular Miss Charlie Pearl (the dance diva with the pink hair) also gained a large fan following that night as their dance moves scorched the dance floor!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

Everyone who was there definitely took home some great memories as well as bouncing zebras, light tubes, inflated animals, the smell of champagne on their clothes and the party rock anthem which they didn’t stop singing for weeks after that epic party at Cirque le Soir Dubai!

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