The Creative Spark

All of us are made to shine in different areas. The problem is we spend our youth chasing illusions and put off true happiness for later. That is the biggest trap we all fall into! Always surround yourself with people who inspire you to follow your dreams, who light that spark of creativity within you!

The Creative Spark | life is an open road

Meet Sanjay Rajoura. He spent ten years of his life tied down to a boring corporate job that he detested! Don’t get me wrong, he has worked for some of the best employers in his industry, made a lot of friends (that’s just the kind of guy he is) and was rolling in dough but he still wasn’t happy. What? Many of you might jump to be in that place but wait! Think about what you really want to do with your life. That is what he did!

The Creative Spark | life is an open road

He left his high paying job in the States and came back to India when he just couldn’t take it anymore. A lot of people around him did not understand his decision but he stuck by it. He put his fist into the bag of creativity to see what life had in store for him and to his surprise the answer was not just one thing but a ton of different things! Was it easy? No way! He is a very talkative, friendly, funny guy by nature and is always up for a new adventure. So he decided to do something that was not very popular at that point of time in Delhi, stand-up comedy. He traded in his corporate wardrobe for a comfy pair of jeans and a T-shirt and started making people laugh for a living. ‘You are kidding me right?’ Nope! That’s exactly what he did!

The Creative Spark | life is an open road

That was just the first step in his journey towards creative freedom. Once he had made his mark as a comedian, he started acting in short films and commercials produced by friends. As he began to establish himself, something bigger came his way. He was offered a TV show that would air on Fox Traveller – ‘What’s With Indian Women’. He did a damn good job with that show and won the hearts of people all over the country! But he wasn’t going to stop there.

The Creative Spark | life is an open road

Because Sanjay had the guts to walk away from everything he had built up and start again from scratch, people now know him as a comedian, an actor, a tv show host, a writer and even a movie script writer.  So instead of just letting your dreams fade away, remember it’s never too late to follow them! You never know what lies in store for you, until you start moving in that direction right?


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