Wine Tasting In Georgia

I was born a traveller. When I was a child, my parents made sure that I fell in love with the outdoors. From Cubbon Park to Bannerghatta National Park to Nagerhole National Park, they took me everywhere. They made me fall in love with trees, rivers, animals and open spaces. My favourite toys came directly from nature as well. I learnt how to make witches claws from Jacranda buds, to make hard balls to play cricket by crushing certain local fruits, to dance in the rain, to let hail stones melt on my tongue, finger paint with vegetables and so many other things that fed my fascination for the wild.

Memories of Georgia | life is an open road

It’s no wonder then that I grew up to be somebody who wanted to travel the world and live in new places just to see nature’s different faces, in different countries. The first exciting international trip I went on was to Tblisi, the capital of Georgia. It was love at first sight when I landed there. Here are a few of my favourite memories from that trip. First up, wine tasting in Georgia, the birthplace of wine!

Memories of Georgia | life is an open road
Georgia is famous for its vineyards and has a wide variety of wine to suit everybody’s taste-buds! I was able to enjoy my first wine tasting experience in this gorgeous country. Wine production began here over 8000 years ago! Some of the regions that produce exceptional wine are Kakheti, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Kvemo Svaneti and Abkhazia.

Wine Tasting In Georgia | life is an open road

The experience of wine tasting is not just a treat for your taste-buds but a visual feast as well! Since Georgians began making wine 80 centuries ago, wine vessels of every shape, size and design are a crucial part of Georgian pottery. Take a look at some of the exquisite wine bottles, bowls and pouches I saw there.

Wine Tasting In Georgia | life is an open road

The most common vessel you will see is the Kvevri which is a large earthenware vessel with a coating of beeswax on the inside that is used to ferment grape juice and to store wine. Even if you don’t drink wine, these beautiful, hand-crafted pieces make excellent gifts! If you are a little more adventurous though, you might want to taste wine for the first time in Georgia since nearly 400 different types of grapes grow here! In another post, I’ll let you in on a secret – the most beautiful place to eat at in Georgia. A restaurant that has a waterfall, a river passing by it and grape vines that form a cozy canopy overhead!

Wine Tasting In Georgia | life is an open roadPhoto Credit: Carel Bosman

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