Em Sherif Dubai: Epitome of Excellence

Before you even step into Em Sherif the soothing sound of the Dubai Fountains will put you in just the right mood for what is to come. As you walk down towards the entryway you can’t help but let out a little gasp as the fountains surge to meet the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

From the moment you step into Em Sherif Dubai, you are transported into another world. The authentic Lebanese food is perfectly complemented by the traditional decor.

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

As you are welcomed in, the sound of Lebanese folk music takes over.

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

Once you are seated and your waiter for the evening has briefed you on the traditions of Em Sherif the starters begin to arrive. Each dish here has a secret twist. The Fattouch is my personal favourite. I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what the twist to this dish is. The Kebbeh Sajiyeh and the Briwat Jebneh are also must trys!

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

I must warn you to nibble on the starters even though you feel like polishing off every morsel in sight as there is a lot more coming to your table. This adventure is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

Make sure you skip a meal before you arrive as there so many mouth-watering dishes to try. By the time the main course arrives it becomes a battle between your mind and your stomach. Eventually you will get carried away by the delicious aroma of the grilled meat but you won’t regret a single bite.

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

Of course no meal is complete without dessert but at Em Sherif, dessert is like a meal in itself! Every single dessert has a different flavour and texture to it. A spoonful of Meghle, a bite of the Booza (delightful upside down ice-cream cones), a nibble of Tamriyye and there was absolutely no place left in my stomach.

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

Wash it all down with some rich, dark Lebanese coffee and you will realise that time has just flown. Two hours have just whizzed past since you stepped in.

Em Sherif Dubai | life is an open road

As you wrap up the meaningful conversation you were finally able to have since you weren’t in a rush, you will surely smile to yourself and think about who you would like to recommend this secret foodie haven to. You can take a look at the detailed menu and make a reservation by clicking here: http://www.emsherif.com/


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