Enter The Exchange Grill

I walked into The Exchange Grill and the first thing that caught my eye was the perfectly set table right next to me. But today we weren’t heading towards the table to be seated, we were heading into the kitchen instead, for our Gourmet Masterclass. We started with my favourite part of any meal, dessert. We watched spellbound as Romain Castet (Executive Pastry Chef at Fairmont Dubai) ran us through how to make the most exquisite dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding. But this was nothing compared to what was coming up next.


Once Chef Romain had finished showing us his magic tricks behind the dessert counter, we met Chef Nahsen Akgul (Chef de Cuisine at Fairmont Dubai). We paired up and it was time for all of us to put our culinary skills to the test and make Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa. First we watched the master at work as he made a complicated recipe look like a piece of cake…slicing and dicing without even looking down. I listened like I was back in my High School Chemistry class (scared of blowing the lab up) and then it was showtime. Some of us breezed through it, while others just about reached the finish line but we all had delighted smiles on our faces by the end of it and that’s all that matters right?


After getting a master class in how to cook various types of meat (which only made our mouths water more) we were finally ushered into a secret back-room which was cozy yet chic. The table was set with a feast and we had certainly worked up an appetite. This is certainly an experience I will never forget!



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