The Buzz About DJ Bia

DJ Bia made her debut in Los Angeles and quickly progressed up the ranks, making guest appearances at world-renowned hot spots Pour Vous and Viper Room before moving to the UAE. She currently holds down five residencies in Dubai, including the poolside Dek on 8, Tong Thai, the Hilton Double Tree, Cuba Bar and Bliss Lounge, the stunning beach-side bar where her soundtracks play against the setting Arabian sun with a blend of Balearic Beats and Deep House. 
She has played alongside US rapper Fuse ODG and was commissioned to play at the Dubai World Cup after-party, a world famous event with over 30,000 race-goers. In the past year, she’s played for the Ferrari Owner’s Club, opened for Akon at the Italian Embassy and composed music for the Miss India 2017 Fashion Show. And that’s alongside her regular work for Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Guerlain and her recent show soundtracking the Alice In Wonderland exhibition at d3.
1] How did you start DJing?
It all started in Budapest many years ago in an underground radio station called “The Forbidden Radio”. I’ve been listening to music and travelling the world since I was a child. I visited Australia, Asia, Africa & Europe and I was always accompanied by my headphones and my MP3 player. My passion for music just got more intense over the years and I started taking classes from professional DJS who taught me their craft. I then added my personal vibe & style to it.

2] Who have been your biggest musical influences since you started Djing?
Definitely Sonique. She is the main reason I became a DJ. I watched her hit “Your love it feels so good” hundreds of times and realised that there were so many coincidences between my life and that song. She plays the role of a waitress that dreams of becoming a successful DJ. While I served passengers as a flight attendant I was dreaming about spinning my favourite records for a big crowd of people. It took a lot of work & patience but in the end, I made it happen!

3] Do you recall how your first show went? Tell us about it 🙂
IT WAS A DISAAAAASTEEEER!!!!! My first gig was in one of the biggest clubs in Bucharest and I was totally unprepared and had no experience, just tons of butterflies in my stomach. I still remember the Guest DJ laughing at me and my weird set, the crowd staring at me and not dancing and me walking out of the club in tears while promising myself that I would never touch the decks again. Oh well, it took me 2 years to get over it.

4] What is a common misconception about this industry that people have? Especially being a Female DJ?
Only 10% of the DJs at the big festivals around the world are Female DJs. I believe that we women don’t believe in ourselves enough and at times we underestimate our capabilities. When you are a new DJ, it is only natural to feel inferior to those that have paved the way for you (mostly men). Of course your confidence is not going to be so high, especially after having an experience similar to mine when I first started DJing. The secret lies in your ability to prove yourself wrong.

5] What does success mean to you?
A while ago, I thought that success meant earning a lot of money but I was wrong. The more money I made, the more problems I’ve seen. Success is having a peaceful sleep at night and a fresh creative mind in the morning that can inspire other people too.

6] What would be your message to any aspiring Artist or DJ?
Never give up on your vision. Knock on every door and agency in town. Learn how to deal with rejection and understand that it’s an important part of your journey to success. Don’t believe in people that try to pull you down when you talk about your dreams.

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