Have you always wanted to travel the world but felt something holding you back? Maybe it was the need for a Masters Degree or the fear that you would lose that awesome job that you had for years and just didn’t want to let go of. Travelling is a lot easier than you thought. Just put aside all those annoying little thoughts that constantly pop up in your head and hold you back.

The only way to get what you want, is to go after it and that is exactly what I did. I quit my job at CNN-IBN, leaving behind the glitzy world of being an anchor for one of India’s best English news channels, hopped on a plane and headed to Dubai. I had no clue what to expect or where life would take me next but I had a smile on my face because I knew I would love the journey.

My promise to myself is to spend the rest of my life living all over the world. I don’t want to spend a few days but I want to spend a few months or even a couple of years in different countries across the world. So far, I have made my first move and I absolutely love it. Let’s see what life has in store for me now!


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