Good Vibes Only at Area 01 (Alserkal Avenue)

I walked into Alserkal Avenue for Area 01 and the first things that caught my attention were the vibrant colours and the strain of really eclectic beats. Even though I had just walked in, this already seemed like the perfect creative and cultural experience of Dubai, from music to market to food.


A hidden treasure trove of creative talents encompassing everything from theatre and performance arts, to live acoustic and electronic music, and culinary experiences. How could anyone not love it?


I walked past so many original stores set up all over the place that by the time I reached the DJ console my jaw was hanging so low, it nearly touched the ground. I quickly set up and started my set. I have seen a lot of events marketed with a dose of “good vibes” but this was so different. From the moment the first song began people were dancing, smiling, and filling the entire space with so much of good vibes it was contagious. Everyone from tiny tots to even the pets were infected by this air of good cheer.

dj sara.jpg

Five hours passed by in a flash, and before I knew it it was time to pack up. But the day wasn’t done yet. I headed down to the main stage area with my friends and we all plonked down on the comfy tires and grass padded seats, wolfed down our food and enjoyed the live music. Will I be back again next year? For sure! Will I see you there too?



Pig&Dan Debut in Dubai

Pig&Dan, aka Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua, have been producing and performing together for more than a decade. You might have heard of Snakes on a Plane but this story starts with DJs on a Plane. The pair first met on a flight to Mallorca way back in 1999, but it wasn’t until three years later that they partnered with each other as Pig&Dan.


Pig&Dan’s style is distinctive and makes a lasting impact. What’s their music style? In their own words: “Dynamic, Euphoric, Uplifting and Nonlinear. Pumping yet melodic. Smiley face music that girls like too, even though it has a dark edge.”


They have been in the industry for over a decade now but have never lost their passion for music! The spirit and energy is still alive in their music and a short DJ set is just not their thing! They usually take about an hour to really get into the groove of things. Why? They believe in longer sets because they love telling stories with their music!


Their brand of storytelling certainly worked wonders in Dubai when they recently played at a massive event organised by Plus Minus. The crowd followed their story very closely. Rising with the tempo and then losing themselves in oblivion at Level 41!


This might have been Pig&Dan’s first time behind the decks at Level 41 but it certainly won’t be their last! They’ve played at Ultra, Tomorrowland and Awakenings and graced the decks at legendary clubs like Amnesia Ibiza, Crobar Buenos Aires, and Womb Tokyo. Its clear that their euphoric-pumping sound has lifted the roof on a global level! To continue your techno journey in Dubai click here12650819_712264432244178_7559519278022395044_n.jpg

Redfoo LIVE at Cirque le Soir Dubai

I have been for a lot of concerts and parties but nothing prepared me for the night that Redfoo took over Cirque le Soir Dubai with his own brand of craziness. The night started off like any other but the moment Redfoo took the stage everybody lost it! Party rock is in the house tonight! Everybody certainly had a good time!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

Redfoo and the LA Freak Crew set the place on fire! Dubai knows how to party but Redfoo pulled some completely unique tricks out of his magical bag for party animals. As the seconds ticked by, the crazy-meter went kaput because it couldn’t handle the level of crazy that Redfoo brought to the house!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

Women poured onto the tiny wooden stage and would not leave his side. When he started singing ‘I’m Sexy and I know it’ all hell broke loose! The party animals in the house morphed into wild animals and the noise was deafening!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

The La Freak Crew and in particular Miss Charlie Pearl (the dance diva with the pink hair) also gained a large fan following that night as their dance moves scorched the dance floor!

REDFOO |lifeisanopenroad

Everyone who was there definitely took home some great memories as well as bouncing zebras, light tubes, inflated animals, the smell of champagne on their clothes and the party rock anthem which they didn’t stop singing for weeks after that epic party at Cirque le Soir Dubai!