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Everybody has family friends…certain families that adopt you as their own when you are growing up. Mothers and fathers that love you as much as your own parents and kids that are like your own brothers and sisters. That was the Al-Azzeh family for me. Aunty Pinky and my mother have been best friends since college and her kids, my sister and I were brought up together, jointly by two mothers who loved spending all their time together. We went through everything together. From watching Philips Top Ten (a bollywood music show) every Friday night to having our own fashion shows, from marrying off aunty Pinky’s youngest child to my baby sister to cooking in earthenware pots, from fighting over boys to learning how to dance for the first time, we did it all. This story is about Aunty Pinky’s youngest son who I have watched grow from a toddler into a very famous B-boy (dancer).

Naser Al Azzeh | JadoPado Learn

Meet Naser Al Azzeh. He was a shy, quiet kid growing up and thought his sisters and all their friends were crazy (especially me, I am sure). While his sisters and I were always up to something or the other, he was the good kid who never gave his mother any trouble. While his sisters spent hours dancing, he would turn up his nose as if to say, ‘Oh my God! Can’t you find something better to do?’ Ironically he was the first person to hit the dance floor (literally) at his sister’s wedding!

Naser Al Azzeh | JadoPado Learn

I shifted out of Bangalore five years ago but I always kept in touch with the Al-Azzeh family. Initially I started seeing videos on facebook of this lithe figure who had some wicked moves! And then the first time I went back to Bangalore for a holiday, I met the Black Ice Crew – Naser’s own team of dancers! They blew my mind away with their lightning fast moves! These guys really know how to dance!

Nas collageHe is just 25 but Naser has found his calling. From somebody who used to spend hours watching music videos to learn new moves, he now offers specialised dance classes all over Bangalore. He has taken part in international B-boy competitions and has his own crew of dancers! B-boying with its dizzying head spins and stylish hand-stands has become quite the rage in India now and at the helm of this new movement is Naser Al Azzeh.