Dune Bashing at Fossil Rock

Life in Dubai is all about living in the fast lane but if you want to try something different you can always leave the city behind and go dune bashing!


If you live in Dubai, one of the closest spots is Fossil Rock (also known as Jebel Maleihah), which has something for everyone. The beauty of this point, is that you can see fossils of shells and small creatures that once lived in the ocean here.


For beginners, you can try an easy trail and follow the main power lines so you don’t get lost. Don’t forget to let out some of the air in your tyres before heading onto the sand (14-16 PSI is recommended). And don’t try this alone, especially if you are doing it for the first time, otherwise you might end up spending more time than you expected in the desert.


Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can be more adventurous and try some gravity defying moves. This is where the fun actually begins! It’s best to try this in a mixed group of beginners and professionals as you can learn a lot of tricks from people who know the dunes like the back of their hand!


After your adrenaline craving has been satisfied you can always stop for a picnic and enjoy the breathtaking view! Or even pitch a tent and stay the night.

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The greatest part about setting off on a dune bashing trip is that it is the best way to bond with your friends and make some new ones as well.


The friends you find in the desert are not always of the human variety but they are equally friendly!


Once you have tried Fossil Rock and the nearby Camel Rock, you can drive to Big Red, where you can rent a quad bike to ride the dunes (for around AED 250 an hour), before making your way back to Dubai. If you are planning a dune bashing trip and need a guide, email me in advance and I can help you plan your trip. Don’t forget…what is life but one big adventure!