Dinner With a Guinness World Record Holder

As someone who is into travel and unique experiences, I am fortunate to meet new and interesting people all the time; and Dubai’s cosmopolitan milieu brings plenty of opportunities to meet high flying achievers from different walks of life. In my relatively short stay here, I have, so far, met someone with so many academic degrees that I finally gave up trying to count them, a stunt body double for Shah Rukh Khan and now a Guinness World Record holder as well! This particular friend of mine is someone I travel with everyday, to the metro station! Unassuming but utterly out-going and extremely friendly, Roshni Ferrao welcomes people with the widest smile I have ever seen! She works in the insurance industry and chats up a storm. The fact that she is a Mangalorean like me, sealed the deal on our friendship.

Dinner With a Guinness World Record Holder | life is an open road

Roshni and her husband Willie are a chip off the old block as far as Mangalorean hospitality goes and they were kind enough to invite me to their place for dinner. Willie is a reserved person who takes his time to open up but he and my husband hit it off immediately, talking about music, college life, tattoos and bike accidents. As the two of them chatted, Roshni brought out an immense array of very tasty starters; before rolling out the heavy artillery: a seriously awesome main course of trademark Mangalorean dishes- Pork Curry made with homemade Baffath powder, Chicken Sukka and Pulao; followed by some wonderfully delicious Payasam.

Dinner With a Guinness World Record Holder | life is an open road

Now as we all know a shared meal makes people fast friends. It also leads to people opening up about themselves. Willie, the initially reticent host was the one who blew the lid off a proud family secret. Roshni Ferrao is actually a Guinness World Record holder! Roshni was part of a group of singers who sang Konkani songs for forty eight hours straight to bag a new Guinness world record! This multi-talented young woman who I had been travelling with everyday, it turned out, is not just any other insurance professional. She sings, cooks, hosts events and does so much more, hardly ever giving away, at any time, that she is in fact, the holder of one of the highest accolades to human achievement!

Payasam at Roshni's

It boggles my mind to think she lives in my building! So yes, peeps, there you have it, I have broken bread with a Guinness world record holder, hopefully the first of many! And while I’m at it, here’s a thought: Get to know your neighbours better, you never know, Elvis might still be in the building!