Smoking Isn’t Injurious!

Smoking isn’t injurious especially when it’s Smokingroove. So this is a story all about how…wait, rewind, different story. Let’s start with a little show and tell first.

yes no smoking.jpg

I first met Safe Smokingroove at a random party. After that we kept bumping into each other all across Dubai and that’s how we became friends. There’s something about Safe that just inspires you to walk your own path so one day I asked him about his story.

yes thinkin cap.jpg

It started with this expression and an explanation that went something like this. “I was living a regular life but it slowly felt like just black and white so I decided to add a little colour to my life. I did the whole 8-6 corporate life in the day, went home in rush hour, ate and went to the clubs, meetings or studio after that. I made a decent bit of money but like those actors working as waiters we always see in shows like Entourage, it was purely so I could function and actually eat. When you start out, there’s not much money involved and rent & food needs to be paid for. That was a decade ago. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I got a lot of business experience from those days and insight into how big business actually works.”

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Curiosity got the better of me and I blurted out, “But weren’t you scared of making any mistakes?”

He smiled and replied, “You’re always going to make mistakes. I’ve made so many that I’ve lost count and some were quite large ones. When you start, you have all the hunger in the world but time and failures have a habit of eating away at that hunger-stash. I’m a natural stubborn asshole so I stuck at it for a long time (over 20yrs) but I have built a global following of friends and fans by being honest with myself and my goals. Play hard but work harder.”

hug dealer.jpg“So when you are not being a ‘hug dealer’ (check out the picture above) how do you actually manage to juggle your finances and your passion for music?” I quipped.

“My biggest mistake has been not hanging onto as much cash as I should have. That Rock’n’Roll lifestyle will catch up with you so get your finances in order. Save as much as possible as this thing does not last forever. Get clued up on investments, savings and tax breaks. It all counts!”, he replied.


“What has gotten you this far with your dreams? What’s given you the courage to never quit halfway?” I asked feeling quite inspired.

“Honesty with yourself is the important thing but as for others, this IS the music business so I’ve learned to take what some people say with a grain of salt,” he answered without losing a beat.

If you want to learn more about building a smoking hot music empire and about what Safe and his brother  Marko have achieved over the last 20 years, you can check out Smokingroove HQ.