Pig&Dan Debut in Dubai

Pig&Dan, aka Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua, have been producing and performing together for more than a decade. You might have heard of Snakes on a Plane but this story starts with DJs on a Plane. The pair first met on a flight to Mallorca way back in 1999, but it wasn’t until three years later that they partnered with each other as Pig&Dan.


Pig&Dan’s style is distinctive and makes a lasting impact. What’s their music style? In their own words: “Dynamic, Euphoric, Uplifting and Nonlinear. Pumping yet melodic. Smiley face music that girls like too, even though it has a dark edge.”


They have been in the industry for over a decade now but have never lost their passion for music! The spirit and energy is still alive in their music and a short DJ set is just not their thing! They usually take about an hour to really get into the groove of things. Why? They believe in longer sets because they love telling stories with their music!


Their brand of storytelling certainly worked wonders in Dubai when they recently played at a massive event organised by Plus Minus. The crowd followed their story very closely. Rising with the tempo and then losing themselves in oblivion at Level 41!


This might have been Pig&Dan’s first time behind the decks at Level 41 but it certainly won’t be their last! They’ve played at Ultra, Tomorrowland and Awakenings and graced the decks at legendary clubs like Amnesia Ibiza, Crobar Buenos Aires, and Womb Tokyo. Its clear that their euphoric-pumping sound has lifted the roof on a global level! To continue your techno journey in Dubai click here12650819_712264432244178_7559519278022395044_n.jpg